Friday, January 27, 2012

Just Do It.

Ira Glass on the Creative Process

This video is cool and creative. During our lunch at the office yesterday we were talking about the things that block us or keep us from doing the creative things we feel called to. I struggled with this so much in the early days as I explored making art: the things I made had to have a purpose ( a gift or a specific project), I had to have it all planned out first, it had to be perfect, etc. But over the past year as I explored last year's word, freedom, making art became one of the big areas I gained freedom in. And slowly those things that were blocking me from being creative and making art began to subside. What I found was that it is actually the process, not the finished product, that brings the most release, relaxation and refreshment, and what energizes me the most. So, what actually stopped the creative blocks was simply doing it. Just make art. Just do it.

Just make art and enjoy the process!

Last weeks making art fun was Bible study notebooks for my group members for our new study of the book of Matthew. Making books is so relaxing!

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