Saturday, June 16, 2012

Be Who You Are & Inner Excavate-Along

My friend Rox and I have decided to do an art journaling summer project together. We are taking an e-course with author Liz Lamoreux called Inner Excavate-Along based on her book of the same title. The book is about exploring yourself through poetry, photography and mixed media {that's straight from the sub-title!}. All the class participants are reading through the book, doing the journaling prompts, photo walks, word toolbox poems and other exercises in the book. We started on Monday and the class runs for the next 7 weeks. A great way to play this summer!

So, since I have been on this intentional journey of becoming me and exploring how God has created me, I thought I would use this e-course and art journal to record all that I have discovered over the past few years.

Rox and I are altering old books for our art journals. Here is my book:

I haven't had any inspiration for the cover yet. But I did get my intro pages done.

There are more pictures on my Flickr link. Liz and the class can be found at

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