Thursday, December 27, 2012

Organizing and Reverb Days 11 ~ 15

 Every so often I reach a point in my office/art room where it has become so disorganized that I can't focus on anything. So my hubby helped me start a project to reorganize over the holidays.

He hung the shelves. I'm organizing my stuff in the storage boxes. Now I can focus!
More finished pages in my Reverb 12 journal:
Day 11: Did you form any new, or strengthen any existing, relationships in  2012
Day 12: What was something you planned to do this year but didn't?
Day 13: What was your biggest indulgence in 2012?

Day 14: What was the best meal you enjoyed in 2012?
Day 15:What was a favorite photo you took in 2012?
It's great having the week off. I'm organizing and getting caught upon my art projects! Here's another peak at my magazine article coming up in January's Art Journaling Magazine:

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  1. Hi Mary, so nice to meet you! I see you have meet my sweet friend Kathy too!
    Congratulations on being published! Have yet to receive my copy yet, thinking it will be in the mail today.
    So glad to connect with you and so love your journaling, both visually and content.

    Grace and peace to you!