Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ok, so another post about contemplation never happened last week. I had grand ideas about writing a few posts ahead of time in order to post on a more regular basis...but it just didn't happen. I dream of being a consistent daily or semi-daily blog poster. Maybe someday. :)

This week school began, my daughter is flying in tomorrow, we are heading to my sister's house in Michigan for my niece's couples bridal shower/family reunion...busy, busy, busy. I really did enjoy the slower, more relaxed pace of summer.

So today I'll just post some of the art that goes along with my pondering, reading and discoveries as I continue to explore spiritual disciplines connected with contemplation. I'll come back and write more about my thoughts at a later time...I promise.


  1. Thank you , Mary! I so enjoy how you journal as well. That's the joy of art journaling, we all express what's in our hearts and on our minds in such varied and creative ways. :)

  2. This is fantastic Mary!!!! I love the way you write, the lettering and how you position your art with the words! I am in love with the colors you use. Have a great sound busy...but busy in love with fam is a great busy!!!! Again...I love this work of creativity!