Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Days of Lists

For the past year or so I have participated in 30 Days of Lists offered twice a year. I love making lists and participating in this challenge enables me to be creative with them, as well as make lists about topics I may not think of on my own. In the past I have altered a book or made a journal to put my lists in. Last September I just used a section of an altered book art journal binder to put my list pages in:

This past March I altered a small book to hold my list pages:

This month I chose to go simple as I am participating in quite a few classes right now. So I took a thin lined journal from the Martha Stewart line at Staples (love her blue!), and I am simply gluing 2 pages together for some stability, mainly using washi tape and a bit of collage. My progress to so far:

Plus an art journal page I managed to squeeze in.


  1. I'm a compulsive list writer. I think it's the satisfaction of crossing things off as I do them :) Your lists look so lovely.

  2. Wow! Missed out on the 30 days thing this year. Your page is fabulous! Have a great Sunday - Irma

  3. Great job - Love the idea of creative lists!

  4. Oooooo....I LOVE lists!! Now you've given me a WHOLE new way to do that! Oooooooo...I'm gonna go make a list journal RIGHT NOW! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity best wishes from Shroo:)x

  5. Wpw, love your lists and your list books!
    xx Monique