Saturday, March 22, 2014

This, That, and A Bit of Calm

Art journaling is an obsession. Art, itself, is an obsession. You begin to see everything through the lens of art and creativity. I have written before about how getting in touch with the creative artist inside me has changed how I see things. Yesterday I was tutoring at the school we adopted. I was out in the hall with a group of second graders so they could read to me. They were reading this story:

I was mesmerized by the illustrations and when the kids were done reading I had to go back to this page and snap a pic on my phone:

This page reminded me so much of an art journaling page. This led to a conversation with the kids about what art journaling is, and then we talked about their hobbies. It was a blast!

For the OLW group our project this month was to design an inspiration board using cut-up magazines and put it on canvas so we can look at it through out the year and be reminded and inspired. (My word for 2014 is "be".) This was my first time putting art/collage on canvas and I really enjoyed it. Something I will pursue more in the future. :)

I stumbled on another version of OLW (here:OLW: Word Up). They provide a word and you are challenged to create something with that word. This month is the word "calm". So, I played with the word in my art journal.

This week the Documented Life Project was to use magazine clippings on a page. So I used the challenge to make this week's collage. 

Week 12 calendar page side 1
I am visiting my sister this weekend. I need a break! I need to relax, have fun and have some sister time! Enjoy your weekend and make some time to be creative. :)


  1. As always, your art speaks to me. Blessings...

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