Thursday, September 25, 2014

{found on Brighton} Anniversary and A Giveaway

My Etsy shop, {found on brighton}
is celebrating its first anniversary today! 

The little shop I started a year ago as a way to use up the books and vintage papers I collect for my art journaling hobby has managed to stand on her own feet. I have enjoyed all the wonderful people I have connected with through the shop and it has opened up another avenue of creativity for me. As well it has fed my enjoyment (addiction?) of digging through library book sales and giving a new life to old and falling apart books.

Some recent additions to the shop:

So to celebrate our first anniversary I am going to give away an altered book journal. Simply visit my Etsy Shop, then comeback to my blog and tell me which journal is your favorite in the comment section on this post. Tomorrow I will randomly draw one winner from the comments and that person will win their favorite journal from my shop. Comments must be made today only.

I appreciate all of you who follow my blog and join my journey in art, faith and Etsy ventures!


  1. Hi Mary! Of course, I will reply to this as a crack at one of your wonderful journals! I think my favorite is the cream one with the fruit and flowers on the front! I love ALL your journals and the whole process you discussed on one of your posts about making them and I need to give it a go myself! But until then, I will put in for one of yours! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us and allowing us a chance to enjoy one for our own! Blessings to you Mary! :)

  2. I am in love with the "Altered Book Journal, Art Journal, Mixed Media Journal". But my goodness, they're all beautiful!

  3. Hi, Mary -- I love all your journals, but the one that really caught my eye was "A Field Guide To The Birds." Thank you for the chance to win! I loved your post on Monday where you mentioned that birds and circles often appear on your art journal pages. I love them, too. Happy first anniversary on your Etsy shop!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Mary! Your shop is delightful and you are such a creative spirit. No wonder you're so successful. I always look forward to your posts. It's difficult to pick one, as they are all lovely. But if I have to choose one, it is...."On My Way". Thanks for your generosity in sponsoring this giveaway.

  5. I love the Who's Who :) It is great to see someone else who loves journals with rings instead of sewn bindings....that way I can add all the things I love to a journal. Thank you for your generousity!!

  6. Your shop is a year old already! Congratulations. I love the red one with the key on the front, Mary. Thanks for the chance to win it :)

  7. Anniversary congratulations to you!
    "The Mansion" journal is just waiting for me to furnish it
    with all the words of my heart.

  8. Oooh. I LOVE the field guide to birds! Congrats on your first year anniversary.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Thankyou for such a generous opportunity Mary. The title 'On the Way' speaks to me most at this stage of my creative life.

  10. Happy Anniversary Mary,
    I love reading your blogs and following your art in The Documented Life Project...
    My favourite of your journals is the bright red one posted above. I also loved the yellowish coloured one with the gardening motif too.
    You truly are an inspiring woman with all that you manage to achieve.
    Love & hugs from Sue Carey x <3 x

  11. Congrats! Not sure if my other comment went throught or not but I love the field guide to birds journal. It would make a perfect art journal!

  12. Congratulations on your first anniversary! I think that is the greatest way to share the festive mood with all your readers and supporters. Your craft is absolutely gorgeous, by the way. Thanks so much for sharing! Here's to another successful year for the shop and yourself!

    Lucius Campbell @ Skild