Monday, November 10, 2014

Ordinary Everyday Things

More and more I find I am enjoying techniques in art journaling that use ordinary everyday things. A few weeks ago I ran across a tutorial on Pinterest that used contact paper as a mask. So after searching a few stores and finally finding a roll of clear contact paper at Target, I gave it a try. I decided to just try it in a simple way first and cut some wavy lines from the contact paper.

Next I placed the contact paper strips onto a piece of watercolor paper which I had already prepared with text paper and gesso.

I then used Tim Holtz distressed stains and paints with stencils. 

Once the ink and paint was dry I took the contact paper strips off to reveal the gessoed text.

I then completed my art journaling with a quote, ink highlights in white and black, and some text paper scallops.

I see great potential is using contact paper in art journaling. 

What ordinary everyday things do you use in art journaling?

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  1. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. That is really beautiful, Mary - thanks for sharing xx