Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sister's Road Trip Part 2

Charleston was perfect the week we were there...sunny and in the mid-60's - low 70's all week with only one day of rain. Perfect for two Midwest ladies in the middle of winter! Our official tour guide, a.k.a my daughter, offered us everything from historic walking tours to antique shopping to beach walking to auto tours of the islands. Plus great food in spectacular restaurants. We ate every kind of food on our wishlists! So, a few of our highlights:

The best way to see Charleston is by foot and we covered a lot of ground!

I broke a record on the step counter on my phone that day. 17,336 steps, which equal 8.5 miles. 

And the start of my travel journal:

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  1. What a beautiful place Charleston is. That scroll work is amazing! I love your little travel journal. It is beautiful!