Monday, November 25, 2013


"It is only through failure and through experiment that we learn and grow."
~Isaac Stern

I love to experiment with different art  forms and supplies. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than "play time". Over the past week in the bits and pieces of time I've managed to scrape up I have played with spray inks, paint, circle stencils and collage. Sometimes, especially when I am busy, and thus tired and brain-dead, this is all I do ~ play with paint, glue down paper, and make background pages in my journals or painted pages to use in collage.

In addition to playing with paint, ink and paper, I have wanted to learn how to use my camera in manual mode. So, the pictures I am posting of my inky, painty play were done in manual mode at a slow film speed (ISO). 

My observations:
  • I love circles!
  • The ink/paint play created some great background pages.
  • The open circle ~ negative side of the stencil ~ happened when I sprayed the stencil with water and then laid paper over it. I love the effect left by the build up of paint and ink on the stencil.
  • As far as my photography in manual mode goes ~ I need to work on better focus so that the photos are crisper. But overall I'm pleased with my first attempt.
"With experimentation comes surprise and discovery."
Kim Lee Kho

Last but not least, a recent art journal page:

Painty, inky fingers make me happy. :) 

May you find time to experiment and play with whatever it is that stirs your creative juices. I find it is another way of finding rest. Peace to you from me.

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