Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mid-month Catch-up

January is just flying by and here we are at the middle of the month already. So far this month we have had record breaking cold - 1 degree for the high on 1/7, not including the windchill - and two snowstorms days apart leaving us with almost 24 inches of snow. The kids here got an additional week off of school tagged on to the end of Christmas break. The city shut down for two days so the week after the holidays we had a short week, which was nice. But it all made for a lot of catching up last week and a feeling of wondering where the month has gone.

On the art journaling front:
I have begun working in my new altered book art journal ~

I am working on the first few challenges for Documented life ~
Week 1 challenge was to use a picture of your front door

Week 1 calendar pages

Also working through the One Little Word exercises for this month, which are going into the same journal with Documented Life ~

I want to play with collage more this year and am attempting to make a collage a week. Here is Collage 2 ~

I added a few more Vintage Paper Packs to my shop including this one ~ full of vintage ladies and gents!
Vintage People Paper Pack
My beautiful daughter turns 34 this week. This also has left me wondering where the time has gone. I am enjoying witnessing what an incredible woman she has grown into and watching her navigate married life. I'm proud of her and am so happy she found such a loving guy to spend her life with!

That's all for today. I hope you are enjoying your week!

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  1. Mary, thank you for sharing. These journal pages are inspirational and beautiful!