Sunday, May 15, 2016

Art Journaling Lists

I am a list maker. I make daily to-do lists. I make lists of things I'd like to do. I make lists of observations I see when studying the Bible or reading a book. And from time-to-time I will participate in making art journal lists. In April and May the "Get Messy" art journaling community is doing a season of list making. I'm not doing all of the lists, but am selecting one or two each week. I'm making my art journal lists on large shipping tags and inserting them in my DLP journal. Here are a few of my lists from the "Get Messy" art journal prompts.

In April I changed the format for my weekly Documented Life Project (DLP) pages as I wanted wider spaces to write in. I'm working on getting caught up with April and May.

Pop over to my Etsy shop and check out the new altered book art journals I listed this week.

I'm off to make a few more lists! How about you?


  1. I didn't realize you were doing get messy lists too! I'm doing them, but very little. I really like the list format and may continue it even though the season is over. No more DLP for me. It's just too much and I've lost my enthusiasm with this new format. I'm dabbling in too many different things I guess. I love your tags. Such a smart idea to go small. As always love the way you journal.


  2. Hi Mary,
    What size are your tags?
    I ordered the 2016 DLP binder set as soon as it became available...only too realize I do not like this year's format. So I have been on the "hunt" for small projects ever since.
    I LOVE all your art creations. You are such an inspiration to me!

  3. This is tremendous Mary! The tags are all so awesome, especially the row of leaves! What an outstanding book, wish I could flip through in person. Hugs, Autumn