Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meandering 5.10.2016

"Meandering: adjective; the act of following a winding or indirect course. Ramble, roam, zigzag, circuitous. A blog post about a variety of things; a little bit of this and a little bit of that."

April was a busy month and May is looking to be even more so. I'm aware of this coming into these months each year and I try to manage events and energy well, but each year turns out the same. Busy! So I just go with the flow and fit in what I can. 

I am running a bit behind with The Documented Life Project (DLP) and have just finished photographing my March pages.

Last month I added Found on Brighton Vintage to my Etsy shop and my sister has joined me in this new venture. We're recording our adventures of the thrill of the vintage hunt in an FB group. Recent additions to the vintage section of the shop have been:

Swedish Enamelware Bowls

Vintage Metal Rolodex

Metal Florist Frog

1950's Metal Picnic Basket

Vintage Printer's Tray

1950"s World Atlas from Replogle Globe Co.

Last month my friend Bernice from the UK was in the states and spent a long weekend with me. We stayed in a cottage along Lake Erie and did some local exploring. We wandered through parks and along the beach and visited local landmarks like the Marblehead lighthouse and the historic neighborhood surrounding Thomas Edison's birthplace in Milan.

I did sunrise walks both mornings we were there. The first morning everything was calm and the lake was like a mirror. On day 2 the wind had picked up and totally changed the look of the lake. What a difference a day makes!

During some art time Bernice taught me a technique using patterned napkins by tearing off the backing paper and using a liquid adhesive to glue the tissue portion to the background. I used the technique on this page in my DLP journal.

We saw quite a few birds during our adventure but I'll save those for the next post.  We are just weeks away from the end of the school year and I am ready for the slower pace of summer. Last week I helped the 4th and 8th grade classes put a community garden at the school as part of the health initiative committee I've sat on this year. The kids decorated the boards for the raised beds and started all the plants as seeds in the classroom, 

That's it for today. Have a great week!

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