Monday, July 29, 2013

A Love Affair With Books

I love books. I always have. My mother said that we pass it down in our family. While she was pregnant, she read. While she nursed, she read. She said she taught me to read at an early age to help slow me down. I did all of the above with my daughter as well.

I read everyday. In the mornings I read the Bible and generally some type of book that will help me grow in my faith or that will aide in Bible study for Creative Team or just my personal interest. I'm usually reading a few of these types of books at the same time. Every night before I go to sleep I read fiction for 30-60 minutes ... to slow me down. It still works after all these years!

I rarely take naps, but laying down and reading for an hour or so can have the same effect on me that a nap would!

Now, I have incorporated my love for books and reading and text and words into my art journaling. I love to alter books and make them into art journals. I love to use book pages as art backgrounds so that the words and the text peak through the gesso and the paint.

Some current pages in my altered book art journal:
A few based on our study in 1 John ~

Some misc pages ~

I found an old book with a character named Mary and have found some great lines to clip and use on art journal pages. This line is so true of me!


  1. We have lots in common...I love to read and always have. I can remember as a child what a treat it was to be able to join a book club in the summer.......And I love art journaling...Your pages are always so well thought out and pretty as well as illustrating the truths you are learning....I love all kinds of journaling and find lots of pleasure from seeing my thought on paper....

    I have enjoyed my visit...Have a good week...

  2. Like you, I read the Bible every day, have a book for growth, and fiction for before bed. I can't imagine not being able to read - it is such a great gift.
    I love your lettering. I'm learning to like my handwriting :)

  3. Books are friends! I say this to my students as well. As a child, my mother would tell me to go outside, and stop reading so much...! I am reading three at a time now, and most lately are ones about spirituality or art. I need to find a new fiction book to love. Can you recommend a really good fiction novel?! I've been writing in diaries and journals and notebooks since I was nine. Paper and books and pens, oh my! I simply love your art journaling, Mary. Have a beautiful, peaceful day today! Hoping you are well, and not having a Dry Spell, as in your page... Hugs, kath

  4. Mary, your words resonate within me. As a shy, somewhat introverted child, I escaped into a world filled with favorite book characters. As an adult, I've continued the love affair with the written word...mostly my Bible, a few art books, a few fiction writers that I enjoy. I love your pages and am so thankful to be able to enjoy seeing them....I feel your heart here:)

  5. Mary, you and I are definitely soul sisters. I read fiction for at least 30 minutes before going to bed as well. It definitely helps to slow me down and get me ready for bed. As you know, I am also always reading multiple books at the same time. Love your altered books. The pages are incredible. Love them!

  6. Beautiful pages. I'm with you... always have at least one book in progress.

  7. What lovely journal pages! Love the quotes you used.

  8. Beautiful pages!! and I love it read too. Hughs