Monday, July 15, 2013

Currently...a Giveaway.

I enjoyed writing my post yesterday about what I am currently into these days. (read here )

So I thought it might be fun to see what other artists (writers, art journalers, creatives) are currently into.

Leave a comment below sharing what you are currently into. On Monday, July 22 I will randomly draw a name from the comments and mail a small collection of ephemera from the old books and dictionaries I have collected for art making. I have an obsession with old dictionaries. I love how the tiny text peeks through when I paint over it and use it as art journal backgrounds. I have started collecting them and even have one that has 9x12 pages...So comment below and I would love to share some of my art-making ephemera with someone!


  1. I love your personal, spiritual journaling, my dear! I have been really into vintage ephemera, and like you, dictionary pages, book pages. Text showing through paint, makes me really super happy. I've finally gotten to carve some stamps lately, too. I think I need to do some more! Thank you for your kindness, Mary. ~ kathy

  2. I've been learning to hoop! It's been a fun and relaxing way to spend summer evenings :) So far I can barely keep it around my waist, but I hope to eventually learn a few tricks!

    1. That is so ironic, Anna, just yesterday my neighbor was showing her 4 year old twin girls how to hoop. And she was having a blast...the twins didn't seem too interested though. I though it looked like a great way to trim the waist and have some fun. So have fun hooping this summer, Anna, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy, I could make layers on background pages for hours and hours. I find it really feeds my creativity and is relaxing plus I love trying new techniques. Thanks for sharing what you are currently into, Nancy!