Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Joys of Online Classes

With so many artists offering online classes it is possible to learn any art technique and one should find it difficult to find themselves with nothing to art journal about. I have enjoyed taking online classes over the past few years and have learned so much from so many talented artists. One of my favorite benefits I have found about online classes is that, although they make take place during a certain time period, most of the teachers offer long term access to the class content. This is so beneficial for one who goes through periods of busyness when not much art time can be found. Case in point: My latest art desire is to learn how to paint/draw/sketch with watercolors. I am so drawn to art journals and nature journals with watercolor sketches of the things one saw while out in nature. I have also been drawn to the watercolor sketch art of Junelle Jacobsen. So when she announced that she was starting a new series called "Art of Pilgrimage: Wild Faith & Wild Art" I wanted to jump on-board. The problem was, the series was beginning the first week of November and I knew my schedule was full with outreach events and prep for the HKC Advent project. Here is where the benefit comes in...I could sign up, even peek into the classroom and the class Facebook page from time to time, and then dig in once I got past my busyness!

I got a little bit of a start a few weeks ago but this weekend I finally got a chance to dig in and get my feet wet with the class and watercolor sketching. From watching Junelle paint I found out the key really is to paint and not fuss too much with it but then let the ink pen add the detail and form to your object.

We had our first snow of the season overnight. It was a beautiful morning with the snow sticking to the branches of the trees and sparkling in the sunlight.

This weekend is almost over and I have my sights set on next weekend already. I'm so ready for a four-day weekend!

30 Day Blogging Challenge 13.


  1. Beautiful, Mary! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving, and a restful, peaceful, fun four day weekend!!

  2. I love your work. Definitely adding online art classes to my list. Love your images.

  3. I love how you have combined the watercolour technique into your usual style. Brilliant

  4. Mary,
    WOW! You are a natural! Your watercolors are absolutely lovely! And your photography is beautiful as well. Oh how I wish I lived near you, You're soooo inspiring! Keep creating and sharing!
    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful our cyber paths crossed! :-)